FLY-IN 2022

Welcome to the Fly-In 2022 in Dresden

Fly-Ins are the non-technical events of EUROAVIA. During these events, people from different local groups come together and share their spirit and culture with each other in a very energetic atmosphere. The host AS introduce both their city/university by trips and the Aerospace culture of the city by company visits. This event is the perfect opportunity to establish contact between international students and local companies.

With the slogan „Elevate a beautiful place" we will bring the EUROAVIA spirit at the river Elbe!

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most important information for your application at a glance

The Fly-In takes place from May the 8th (Sunday) till May the 12th (Thursday) 2022.

  • The participation fee is 100 €.
  • Included are 4 nights staying, all meals (including the "Final Dinner") and all travel costs during the event. Arrival and departure must be paid and self-organized by the participants.
  • Please check out the current German regulations concerning corona of the Federal Foreign Office.

The overall number of participants is 15.

In line with the spirit of EUROAVIA, we aim to bring together students from as many different cities as possible. Therefore, in the first round of applications places will primarily be assigned based on the applicant’s AS/AM and secondarily based on the order of application.

  • Firstly, two applicants of each AS can submit to the event. The applicants will be selected as "first come first serve".
  • Later application or further applicants of the AS will be put on a waiting list. If the total figure of participants is not reached yet, the remaining free places will be filled from the applicants on the waiting list, preferredly from AS with less particpants.

Applications from PAS/PPAS/PAM/PPAM members are subject to approval by the IB.

The Participation Fee must be paid by bank transfer.

Potential transfer fees must be covered by the participant. EUROAVIA Dresden should receive a total amount of 100€.

Cash payments are not accepted, unless the participant presents an important reason in advance. In this case EUROAVIA Dresden will make an individual decision on the case at hand.

By confirming the membership of their participant the AS/AM accepts that they are oblidged to pay the Participation or cancellation fee in case the said participant does fail to do so.

Die Anmeldung ist ab sofort geöffnet und schließt am Mi 16.03.2022, 22:00 MEZ.

In the event of cancellation by any participant, following rules come to effect:

  • Until Su March 13th 2022 (09:00 p.m. UTC):
    no cancellation fee
  • From Su March 13th 2022 (09:00 p.m. UTC):
    25% cancellation fee (25% of the particpation fee must be paid)
  • From Su March 27th 2022 (08:00 p.m. UTC):
    50% cancellation fee (50% of the particpation fee must be paid)
  • From Su April 10th 2022 (08:00 p.m. UTC):
    100% cancellation fee (100% of the particpation fee must be paid)

Later applicants must pay the participation fee within a week after successful submission. 

We plan to carry out the fly-in according to plan. Due to the current corona pandemic, events can change at short notice. If Fly-In 2022 is cancelled, all participation fees already paid will be refunded. There are no further claims against EUROAVIA Dresden. In particular, no costs incurred as a result of the cancellation of flight or train tickets etc. will be reimbursed.
  • During the event we will also host the traditional EUROAVIA cultural night for international exchange.


You will stay for 4 nights at the Hostel Mondpalast Dresden (Louisenstraße 77, 01099 Dresden). On the day of arrival a team of EUROAVIA Dresden will welcome you there.

Dresden can be reached by all means of transport (car, bus, plane and train).

The nearest station to the accomodation is Bahnhof Dresden-Neustadt. You can walk by foot (17 minutes) or take the trams from there to get to the hostel.

Dresden has an international airport. You can fly to Dresden as well and take the S-Bahn S2 to Bahnhof Dresden-Neustadt. We also recommend to you to fly via Berlin-Brandenburg or Prague and get to Dresden by bus or train.

EUROAVIA international kommt 2022 an die Elbe.


EUROAVIA international events like this Fly-In in Dresden give your company the opportunity to make your company known in the biggest association of aerospace students. Therefore is potential to win dedicated future employees or interns for your company. We assure you to advertise your company internationally in the EUROAVIA network to all 40 local groups and over 2.000 students. Following the event, EUROAVIA Dresden e.V. offers you a long-term partnership to establish direct contact with the students of the Technische Universität Dresden.

In order to advertise your company at the international event at best, we offer:

  • We will rent rooms from the Technische Universität Dresden and give you the space for self-planned introductions of your company like workshops or tutorials. Members of EUROAVIA Dresden e.V. will also particpate here.
  • We will give your company the opportunity to realise a webinar. Therefore you can introduce your company internationally to all students who cannot particpate in Dresden.
  • True to form in all social media channels and event brandings like t-shirts for particpants and website we will include yourcompany's logo. Additionaly, we offer you to include your advertisements like flyers etc. in the "Goodiebag" for all particpants.

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