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EUROAVIA is an international student organisation which aims to promote contact between students and industry as well as exchange between the cultures of the different member countries.

No, EUROAVIA is not a fraternity or sorority, but a registered association. However, with us you get a connection: a connection to students from all semesters, a connection to students from all over Europe. Connecting with people who want to think outside the box, who want to make a difference and have fun together!

As a student association for aerospace engineering, we specifically address students of this specialisation. Nevertheless, all students who are interested in aerospace are welcome to join us!
To become a member, you must be enrolled as a student at a university, college or university of applied sciences or be a doctoral candidate. If you are already in professional life and were previously a member of EUROAVIA, you can join our alumni.

EUROAVIA has many, often long-standing contacts with companies and associations at national and international level, which is why each local group can offer a wide range of events. These range from exciting excursions, some lasting several days, interesting workshops, lectures and further training courses to the annual Christmas party, cosy barbecue evenings and other great opportunities to make your leisure time varied.

Your involvement in EUROAVIA is on a voluntary basis. We do not require you to attend meetings, nor do you have to organise certain events. However, you will have the opportunity to get involved and actively help shape EUROAVIA. Along the way, you will experience exciting things and gain valuable experience! The form and extent of your involvement is entirely up to you! However, as an active member of an association, it goes without saying that it is your duty to uphold the reputation of the association and pay the membership fee.

As we are a non-profit organisation, we are not allowed to make a profit. Accordingly, all activities are designed to offer members a wide range of events.

You pay a contribution of €11 per semester.